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Javier Echenique-Vico was born in Madrid to a family of artists.


He is the son of Maria Teresa Vico, piano teacher, and Ángel Echenique Ubide one of the founders of modern Radio and TV in Spain and a talented painter. Grandfather Angel Echenique Pardo, was Secretary General at El Prado Museum in Madrid and young Javier found himself growing up among a unique entourage of artists and intellectuals. His deep syncretism, trademark of all his artistic endeavors is direct heritage of those days.


A versatile entrepreneur in the fields of gastronomy and radio broadcasting, Javier enriched Madrid with his personal input. A graduate in Advertising and Marketing, he later studied Design and Art History in Lisbon. During his 5 year stay, as marketing director, Javier was behind the most daring and outrageous advertising campaigns for many of the international brands we all love. Not satisfied with this, he started a successful career in interior design. Private residences and hotels in Cascais and Estoril, along the Lisbon coastline, saw their past glory reinstated thanks to his devotion for beauty.


He later moved to Buenos Aires and again, his two story turn-of- the-century house in Palermo Soho made it to the cover of many prestigious Latin American and US design magazines. He lived in Argentina for 7 years during which he developed projects for local and foreign investors. His colorful landmark creations have made a lasting imprint in the local design scene.


Established between California and New York since 2011 Javier continues to devote his time to the applied arts in architecture and interior design as well as to his life passion; painting.


Last spring he has released his first menswear summer collection called 12:05 in NYC.



Blockbuster - Portugal

Caraco - USA

Citibank - Portugal

Crystal Riviyera Apartments - USA

Ericsson - Portugal

Falabella - Chile

Fiat, Lancia & Alfa Romeo - Portugal

Oasis Collections - Argentina

Telmex - Argentina


Aston Martin - USA

Bank of America - USA

Crate & Barrel - USA

NH Hotels - Colombia

Premier Estate Properties - USA

Sotheby's Real Estate - Argentina

Provincetown Film Society - USA


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Echenike Design
PO BOX 4056, Palm Springs, Fl 92263 USA | Email:info@echenike.com