Palm Springs Designer Projects

Imagine the potential within a single space. Between the formations of the room itself, the size, the vault of the ceiling, and the lighting, there is a world of possibilities for design. It is crucial that the potential of the space not be squandered with poor decoration, improper utilization of the space, or lighting that does not compliment the space. At the end of the day, it is most advisable to bring in a professional Interior Designer.

The Interior Designer should be more than just a decorator. They should be a visionary—someone with a holistic understanding of space, the interaction of various decorative elements with the layout of the space, and the type of mood the space demands. Javier Echenique is one suchtalented designer, in addition to a sense of versatility that comes from self-taught pursuits, as well as a history of excellence in art, marketing, and the pursuit of daring designs. With so much experience and visualization, Javier has built a successful career and an untarnished reputation.

Contact Echenike to learn more about his Palm Springs Interior Design Services. Javier has decorated and designed both commercial and residential spaces, revitalizing them with his signature oval symbol and ethereal approach to each new project, actually he is development several projects in California. 


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